5 Myths of Veterinary Nutrition: Myth 1

For the next few posts, I will be posting myths of veterinary nutrition that are plaguing our practices, causing dietary intolerance in our patients, and just plan are not true, regardless of what the Blue salesperson in Petsmart will have you believe. (He is not a veterinarian or a nutriton expert)
Myth 1: Corn is a “filler” that is not digested and is bad for my pet.
  • A “filler” is an ingredient that does not have any nutritional value or benefit.
  • Corn (and other grains) contributes protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and when properly prepared, is a highly digestible (>97%) carbohydrate source.
  • People have attributed food allergies to corn. Documented food allergies are quite rare (~1% of all all skin disease), When they do occur, most are caused by animal-based protein ingredients, such as beef, dairy, or chicken rather than by plant-based ingredients.

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