Never work a day in your life when you do something you love

When I was in veterinary school, I thought for sure, the second I was finished, I would feel that my new career was a dream come true and not actual work. While it was in many ways a dream come true, when I was first starting my internship I was in survival mode. When I started to practice after my internship, I was a little nervous and excited, but it still felt like work. Honestly, at times I would rather be hiking or kayaking, then be a veterinarian.

My recent position with VPI, presenting on how pet insurance works and can benefit the profession at the veterinary colleges, however is entirely different. No matter how tired I am when I leave for these quick trips, I return energized for days at a time. I love working with students. I absolutely had a blast presenting on a topic I believe in. There is no where else I would rather be.

The networking opportunities continue to expand as well. Just yesterday, I was asked by the dean of Western if my clinic would host externs. In addition, I have the opportunity to work with Dr. Jim Wilson, JD ( who has made a career out of bringing business and legal acumen to the veterinary profession.

While I enjoy the challenge and caseload of emergency medicine and I look forward to my new position as clinic manager of an ER clinic, I cannot help but daydream about how to earn my entire income from helping veterinary students and advancing the profession.  For most of my life I have attacked any opportunity that has sparked my interest, which has led me down the path I am currently on. I am so excited to see how this journey unfolds, finally understanding how if you do something you love you will never work a day in your life; in fact you feel energized.

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