Surf the internet, but don’t rot your brain

Do you ever feel like time gets lost while watching s sitcom or surfing the internet aimlessly? I know I certainly do some days. As I am internet researching for my blog and my career, I have found that having a plan seems to be helpful in avoiding the aimless searching. Try making a list of what you want to accomplish and give yourself a time limit to get it done.  90 minutes to 2 hours is usually a good block of time. It is reasonable amount of time to block off your schedule, keep your focus and get something done.

That being said if you want to escape why not do it productively. I found this article (link below) helpful about 13 websites that will make you smarter.

Sitcoms are there to entertain and help you forget your day, the internet can serve that purpose too and may even make you smarter.


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