Doing Less and Being More, But How?

I am in the middle of 11 days of business travel with my full-time job sandwiched in, and decided to go to yoga tonight in Baton Rouge at YogaBliss.  During shavasanah, the instructor read an excerpt and immediately one phrase struck home to me, “Do less and start being more.”

I meditated on that phrase and realized, when I start “doing too much” I stop “being” and my mind and body break down. It’s the only time I catch a cold. I become irritable, frazzled, flustered, foregetful. I feel unfocused in all aspects of work and exercise.  I, as I tell my husband, am not myself anymore.

I met with a classmate, who I have not seen since graduation, who is content spending time with her family, significant other and clinical work. She asked me, why and how do you do all these things?  I could not answer her. I could tell her my passion is business education for veterinary professionals. I can tell her just being a clinician was not enough for me one year ago.  However, I could not tell her why I have this need to get involved. Sheryl Sandberg states that seeking out diverse opportunities is ground work for leadership.  So is that it I crave leadership?

I am so confused as to why can’t I just be a vet (period) like everyone else in my class and be satisfied? How can people miss out on these leadership opportunities to shape the profession? How do I balance these opportunities, so I thrive?

Over the last week, I have realized how much I have accomplished this year. I have also realized I have not had much direction guiding my professional efforts. I need to set more directed goals, both long term and short term in an effort to focus my doing on being.

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