Personal Update Q1 2014

It’s been over a month since I posted about how to balance my life, and posted at all. I did set some goals. I even met with several mentors to try to pave a career vision, mission and goals. I also hoped to find some aspect of my extracurricular career I could cut out. I am still searching for that piece(s). In fact, I tried to de-volunteer myself from a committee and was told I was needed and they would work around my schedule. Yikes!

One conclusion I made is that I need to become diurnal again. I have been nocturnal or not-urnal for almost 3 years and my body and mind are not pleased. If you ever have done shift work, you are familiar with the random crying, the frustration of not being able to sleep the only chance you get, and the hope that you will get used to it. I was trying to hold on for a few more years, but have realized I cannot. I hope to transition to days in the next few months, but each night is a struggle until then.

Otherwise I am brainstorming a solution to continue my success, but not at the expense of my health and happiness. Lately, I feel as if I tread water from one project to another, without doing my best.  Unfortunately, all my projects are diverse and expand my network. I had no idea ambition can be so frustrating and paralyzing.

In the meantime, the beautiful weather of Phoenix is slipping away. I barely have time to plan our big trip to Peru in May. Last year at this time I was tan, relaxed, and bored. I hope to be tan, relaxed, and fulfilled this time 2015.


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