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Feline Stress: The Solution

In two previous blog entries (see blog posts on Feline Stress: The Cause and The Effect), we have examined the causes and effects of stressed cats and some signs to look for to determine if your cat is stressed.  A colleague of mine, Dr. Cori Gross, who specializes in feline behavior medicine, believes indoor cats fluctuate above and below their stress threshold,. This threshold differs for each cat in the same way that stress levels differ for each person.  When a cat stays above their stress threshold too long (aka stressed out), they may exhibit some of the signs discussed and/or develop medical problems.
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Feline Stress: The Effect

Feline stress and the accompanying health effects are hot topics for owners, as well as veterinarians.

Stress has a role in several behavioral conditions that cause cats to be relinquished:

  • House soiling
  • Urine marking/spraying
  • Human and animal aggression (cat/dog fights)

Stress can also lead to several medical problems:

Feline Stress: The Cause

Cats are not fully domesticated like our canine companions are. While cats can make affectionate and fun pets, they are subject to more stress since  in our homes they have limited their control over their resources, like they would have in the wild. Continue reading Feline Stress: The Cause