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Interview Series: Vetgirl’s Justine Lee’s Veterinary Career Morsels

Part 2 of Interview with Vetgirl’s Justine Lee: Veterinary Career Morsels…yummy!JLEE-Bio-238x300

  1. Any survival tips for those struggling through vet school or residencies/internships.
  • When in doubt, work hard; play hard (that’s her mantra!)
  • Find something that makes you passionate about what you do.
  • Find your escape (for both of us it is running/hiking)
  • Reach out for support and exercise.
  • Take the time to care for yourself.

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Interview Series: Getting to Know Vetgirl’s Dr. Justine Lee

I recently had the opportunity to meet and network with Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT, and creator of Vetgirl. vetgirl-on-the-runShe is truly a female, entrepreneurial veterinarian advancing our profession in all the right ways. Meeting her at AVMA Convention, along with the WVLDI workshop the day before inspired me to start an interview segment to my blog. I was hoping it would be less work than original material. Instead, I found myself editing and rejoicing in the abundant material her career provided. As a result, the first Veterinary Brainstorm Interview with Justine Lee will be broken into 2 parts:

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Personal Update Q1 2014

It’s been over a month since I posted about how to balance my life, and posted at all. I did set some goals. I even met with several mentors to try to pave a career vision, mission and goals. I also hoped to find some aspect of my extracurricular career I could cut out. I am still searching for that piece(s). In fact, I tried to de-volunteer myself from a committee and was told I was needed and they would work around my schedule. Yikes! Continue reading Personal Update Q1 2014

Doing Less and Being More, But How?

I am in the middle of 11 days of business travel with my full-time job sandwiched in, and decided to go to yoga tonight in Baton Rouge at YogaBliss.  During shavasanah, the instructor read an excerpt and immediately one phrase struck home to me, “Do less and start being more.” Continue reading Doing Less and Being More, But How?

Surf the internet, but don’t rot your brain

Do you ever feel like time gets lost while watching s sitcom or surfing the internet aimlessly? I know I certainly do some days. As I am internet researching for my blog and my career, I have found that having a plan seems to be helpful in avoiding the aimless searching. Try making a list of what you want to accomplish and give yourself a time limit to get it done.  90 minutes to 2 hours is usually a good block of time. It is reasonable amount of time to block off your schedule, keep your focus and get something done.

That being said if you want to escape why not do it productively. I found this article (link below) helpful about 13 websites that will make you smarter.


Sitcoms are there to entertain and help you forget your day, the internet can serve that purpose too and may even make you smarter.