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Students Interested in Practice Ownership: We Need You!


The Veterinary Pet Insurance –Veterinary Economics Financial Healthy study has highlighted many subtle, but concerning facets of our professions’ financial state on a personal level. Continue reading Students Interested in Practice Ownership: We Need You!

Feline Stress: The Effect

Feline stress and the accompanying health effects are hot topics for owners, as well as veterinarians.

Stress has a role in several behavioral conditions that cause cats to be relinquished:

  • House soiling
  • Urine marking/spraying
  • Human and animal aggression (cat/dog fights)

Stress can also lead to several medical problems:

Personal Update Q1 2014

It’s been over a month since I posted about how to balance my life, and posted at all. I did set some goals. I even met with several mentors to try to pave a career vision, mission and goals. I also hoped to find some aspect of my extracurricular career I could cut out. I am still searching for that piece(s). In fact, I tried to de-volunteer myself from a committee and was told I was needed and they would work around my schedule. Yikes! Continue reading Personal Update Q1 2014

Feline Stress: The Cause

Cats are not fully domesticated like our canine companions are. While cats can make affectionate and fun pets, they are subject to more stress since  in our homes they have limited their control over their resources, like they would have in the wild. Continue reading Feline Stress: The Cause

Doing Less and Being More, But How?

I am in the middle of 11 days of business travel with my full-time job sandwiched in, and decided to go to yoga tonight in Baton Rouge at YogaBliss.  During shavasanah, the instructor read an excerpt and immediately one phrase struck home to me, “Do less and start being more.” Continue reading Doing Less and Being More, But How?