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Inactive and Paid the Price

KTng7EjTqUnfortunately, I have not been able to post recently. March and April are very busy months in the Phoenix small animal ER. Then I went to Peru for several weeks on a wonderful, personal adventure (photos to come).

Today I sat down in front of my computer to look through my ideas and try to write a quick post and resume weekly posting. Well sadly, I found that WordPress had lost all my drafts (at least 10 ideas). Gone. I am already skeptical of technology, and this occurrence has not helped. WordPress is not helpful in looking at back up dates/files and does not even have a way to contact them unless you pay for premium service. In fact, after I tried the help forum and their answer did not help, I reposted and was told not to re-post:

in response to the topic “Vanished Drafts“:

Please do not keep creating duplicate threads.You have been answered here http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/missing-drafts-for-veterinary-brainstorm?replies=2#post-1898445 Post only to that thread.

Well why would I pay for premium service when with my free trial I lost my work? It’s a satisfied customer for pays for more, not a broken hearted one.

So now my blog has this meaningless rant that may not change the world or the veterinary profession, but will help me take a nap before an overnight shift.

I hope to resume and begin making some major content contributions this summer. When its 110 F time to type…or swim.