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AVMA Guest Blogger

The following is a link to my most recent blog post on AVMA@work on behalf of the AVMA Future Leaders. I have been missing from the website for health reasons as well as personal concerns. Have no fear I have several other posts in the works…

One veterinarian explores professional wellness



The Vet School Scam Part II: Potential Solutions Brainstormed

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As my website name is Veterinary Brainstorm and the prior post brought up some terrific discussion, I will dedicate the following post to some proposed, potentially controversial solutions in a brainstorming format. Please take a moment to refresh yourself with Part I. Please note, I may or may not agree with these ideas. They are simply compiled from studies and discussions within the industry, and are listed to inspire more ideas, not to argue about what’s right and wrong.
During my VPI lectures to veterinary students across the country, I discuss ways to help our stagnant salary, which is currently reliant on discretionary income, meet the challenges of our exponentially rising student debt incurred by ever-rising tuition costs. The dilemma for them (and myself) is the debt is fixed, but we can alter our salaries in the short-term.

So the brainstorm session will commence focusing on 2 pieces of the puzzle:

  1. Student debt: How do we control it?

  2. Veterinary Salaries- How do we increase it in a socially responsible way?

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The “Vet- School” Scam


As a veterinarian passionate about practical veterinary education and student debt, I have supported the brand new Midwestern University’s Veterinary College that opened this Fall in my backyard of Glendale, AZ. A piece of me, however, is apprehensive about the future of this student class (annual tuition is $52, 400 excluding living expenses) and this new generation of practitioners, as we try to navigate the seas of exorbitant student debt coupled with stagnant salaries. Even scarier, is that these challenges could be heightened by research that indicates we may not need an ever-increasing number of veterinarians.

In Atlantic’s September 2014 Education Issue, “The Law School Scam, examines the crisis in legal graduate education. My jaw dropped as I read this article and realized that this is not a veterinary or law school issue; this is a graduate education in America issue. However, if the legal profession (where I wrongly assumed everyone makes six figures) is burdened, where does that leave veterinary medicine, the lowest paid health profession? Continue reading The “Vet- School” Scam

Not An Original, But An Opportunity

For most people reading this, you are probably aware of the tragic news of Dr. Sophia Yin’s death. This is truly a tragic loss for our profession on multiple levels. While many others who knew her better have written powerful tributes, I could not help but document how this event has affected me.

How to greet a dog- Sophia Yin
How to greet a dog- Sophia Yin

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