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Something Funny Happened on the Mountain Bike Trail

IMG_0584My husband and I were riding in Sedona, AZ this weekend. He has been a huge supporter of my career and my blog/website from the beginning. Because of his support, he also likes to offer his opinion. So, as we were riding back to the resort, his comment to me was, “You have to decide whether your blog is geared only to women veterinarians; you keep focusing on women’s issues.”

I chuckled and replied, that’s the whole point. We need men to lean in with us and help push us forward. We cannot break through the glass ceiling without the support and understanding of males too. This is not just a “women’s” issue. He disagreed.

Fast forward a few days and there is Emma Watson speaking to the UN on the He for She campaign, more beautifully articulating the same issues. Continue reading Something Funny Happened on the Mountain Bike Trail

Interview Series: Vetgirl’s Justine Lee’s Veterinary Career Morsels

Part 2 of Interview with Vetgirl’s Justine Lee: Veterinary Career Morsels…yummy!JLEE-Bio-238x300

  1. Any survival tips for those struggling through vet school or residencies/internships.
  • When in doubt, work hard; play hard (that’s her mantra!)
  • Find something that makes you passionate about what you do.
  • Find your escape (for both of us it is running/hiking)
  • Reach out for support and exercise.
  • Take the time to care for yourself.

Continue reading Interview Series: Vetgirl’s Justine Lee’s Veterinary Career Morsels

Interview Series: Getting to Know Vetgirl’s Dr. Justine Lee

I recently had the opportunity to meet and network with Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT, and creator of Vetgirl. vetgirl-on-the-runShe is truly a female, entrepreneurial veterinarian advancing our profession in all the right ways. Meeting her at AVMA Convention, along with the WVLDI workshop the day before inspired me to start an interview segment to my blog. I was hoping it would be less work than original material. Instead, I found myself editing and rejoicing in the abundant material her career provided. As a result, the first Veterinary Brainstorm Interview with Justine Lee will be broken into 2 parts:

Part 1: Getting to Know Vetgirl’s Dr. Justine Lee Continue reading Interview Series: Getting to Know Vetgirl’s Dr. Justine Lee

Inactive and Paid the Price

KTng7EjTqUnfortunately, I have not been able to post recently. March and April are very busy months in the Phoenix small animal ER. Then I went to Peru for several weeks on a wonderful, personal adventure (photos to come).

Today I sat down in front of my computer to look through my ideas and try to write a quick post and resume weekly posting. Well sadly, I found that WordPress had lost all my drafts (at least 10 ideas). Gone. I am already skeptical of technology, and this occurrence has not helped. WordPress is not helpful in looking at back up dates/files and does not even have a way to contact them unless you pay for premium service. In fact, after I tried the help forum and their answer did not help, I reposted and was told not to re-post:

in response to the topic “Vanished Drafts“:

Please do not keep creating duplicate threads.You have been answered here http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/missing-drafts-for-veterinary-brainstorm?replies=2#post-1898445 Post only to that thread.

Well why would I pay for premium service when with my free trial I lost my work? It’s a satisfied customer for pays for more, not a broken hearted one.

So now my blog has this meaningless rant that may not change the world or the veterinary profession, but will help me take a nap before an overnight shift.

I hope to resume and begin making some major content contributions this summer. When its 110 F time to type…or swim.