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Interview Series: Vetgirl’s Justine Lee’s Veterinary Career Morsels

Part 2 of Interview with Vetgirl’s Justine Lee: Veterinary Career Morsels…yummy!JLEE-Bio-238x300

  1. Any survival tips for those struggling through vet school or residencies/internships.
  • When in doubt, work hard; play hard (that’s her mantra!)
  • Find something that makes you passionate about what you do.
  • Find your escape (for both of us it is running/hiking)
  • Reach out for support and exercise.
  • Take the time to care for yourself.

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There’s More Room at the Table: Time to Lean In More

Sandberg quoteAs a huge Sheryl Sandberg fan, after reading her iconic book Lean In in January 2014, I have tried to be mindful of those times when I do not “lean in.” For those of you who have not read her book (and you must), through  major research and her own career, Sandberg believes women do not “lean in” to opportunities in their careers for a variety of reasons. Many of these reasons we do have control over.

Last week I met informally with my company’s female CEO. I noted multiple times during our conversation that I was not “leaning in.” See below.

Lean In Violation 1: Not accepting credit for a job well done.

She praised my work over my last year as manager. The morale at my location is at an all-time high, our revenue is up and client feedback is exceptionally positive. Even prior managers of the same location, were impressed with my leadership. While I may have had hand in some of these accomplishment, all I could think about was blaming others for my success and finding the imperfections. Well it could not have possibly been me? Continue reading There’s More Room at the Table: Time to Lean In More

Personal Update Q1 2014

It’s been over a month since I posted about how to balance my life, and posted at all. I did set some goals. I even met with several mentors to try to pave a career vision, mission and goals. I also hoped to find some aspect of my extracurricular career I could cut out. I am still searching for that piece(s). In fact, I tried to de-volunteer myself from a committee and was told I was needed and they would work around my schedule. Yikes! Continue reading Personal Update Q1 2014

2013 Year in Review

Mark Opperman (if you do not know who he is and you are in the veterinary profession- find out) ends every lecture series with a quote that really rang true for me in 2013,

Always ask what has meaning and value and do or delegate accordingly.

At the end of 2012 I was getting up the learning curve and starting to need more from my career. Over this year I discovered my passion is business education for veterinary students and veterinarians to further progress our profession. I didn’t have this sentence in mind, but instead I started volunteering in different areas and here is what I accomplished:

Member of the Arizona VMA public relations committe- article published in Phoenix magazine on veterinary nutrition to help owners make wiser decisions.

Member of the Arizona VMA Young Leaders Council to influence the future of young veterinarians in organized veterinary medicine.

Both of these opportunities led to my nomination from the Arizona VMA to the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference, a conference that a year ago I was declined a scholarship.

Currently, I am working on an application for a 1 year appointment to AVMA Future Leader Program.

An email chain got me involved with an AAHA student initiative to create small groups learning about practice management issues to be debuted at the 2014 National Veterinary Business Association at NAVC and its own 3 days conference at AAHA.

I was hired as a part-time field veterinarian for Veterinary Pet Insurance VPI where I travel to vet schools and help them understand the financial state and challenges of our profession and some of the solutions.

I was appointed as an at-large chair on the board of American Associate Public Practice Veterinarians (AACPPV).

I traveled to Cancun for a Veterinary Emergency Critical Care (VECCS) continuing education conference.

I accepted a clinic manager position with the largest small animal emergency clinic in Phoenix.

Complete FRANK communications training.

My “passion” is probably most exemplified by my Twitter and blog accounts.

Quite a career year for a 2011 graduate!

Goals for 2014:
Become a 2014 AVMA Future Leader
Grow my on-line following and expand my website
Focus my continuing education efforts on exotics ECC
Grow into my management role as an emergency clinician

Most importantly, I found myself burning out at the end of 2013 and I need to continue these projects because they provide meaning and value for me, but I also need to find my balance. Part of that balancing process involved my coming to terms that I cannot sustain the graveyard shift life much longer. Another part is being mindful of how much I can have on my plate. I started out saying yes whenever a free slot in my schedule existed, but quickly realized that with travel, its deeper than that. Finding balance is important for me to be the most productive I can be in the aforementioned roles, my health, and my sanity.

Here’s to a balanced and equally achieving 2014!

Additional Reading on Women in Leadership

The following is a recommended reading list based on the Harvard Busines Review Spotlight Section on Women in Leadership:


  • Women and Leadership: Defining the Challenges, by Robin J. Ely and Deborah L. Rhode. From The Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice.


  • Impossible Selves: Image Strategies and Identity Threat in Professional Women’s Career Transitions,” by Herminia Ibarra and Jennifer Petriglieri



  • “Taking Gender into Account: theory and Design for Women’s Leadership Development Programs,” by Robin J. Ely, Herminia Ibarra, and Deborah Kolb


Note: You may want to join the LinkedIn group: Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative (WVLDI). They post some interesting articles and have an active discussion board. Also a networking opportunity!
If you have a good article feel free to post a link in the comment section. Ideas welcome.